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about US

My name is Dana and tri•fect•a is my vision.
Nursing has enabled me to work in a variety of medical specialties. From emergency settings to cosmetology over the course of 18 years, I have had the good fortune to work with amazing healers in the medical field. Those experiences have led me to design a program to slow and reverse aging in the body, sharpen the mind and soothe the soul.
tri•fect•a Is A System To Promote The Three Cornerstones Of Each Of Us...Mind, Body and Soul.


Techniques using proven and safe technology has allowed me to develop ways to slow and reverse certain changes in the body due to the aging process. Beauty, although skin deep, is a common focal point for some clients. With a goal as not to assume the look of another, but to enhance their own individual beauty and uniqueness.

tri•fect•a Is Aimed To Stimulate The Mind, Body And Soul.



Keeping the mind clear and sharp by increasing oxygen, blood flow to the brain and stimulating neurotransmitter levels.



Strengthening the body to boost muscle mass, core stability and overall confidence.



Lastly, the core of us all, the soul. Offering more than a service for clients by showing kindness, grace and respect.


This is my dream.

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