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Trifecta Health & Wellness
Licensing Brief


Licensing Fee:  $29K

Total Investment Range 1st Year:  $40-50K


Now interviewing potential new licensees for locations throughout Arizona in 2024.

If you are interested in owning and operating your own health and wellness spa, this is the time!  The anti-aging and wellness industry continues to explode. Seize the moment and capitalize on the tremendous momentum, while helping people look and feel their best.

Timing is Everything


The anti-aging and health and wellness industry is booming today, and while highly competitive, we not only offer the most affordable entry into this segment, we have just the right mix of services, and the business model is highly scalable.  This can be whatever you want it to be – whatever you make it to be!  


Are you wanting to make a profound change professionally; looking for a rewarding life adjustment, one where you can make a true difference in the lives of others? Do you have the drive to build a successful business, based on a tried and true success model?


Our approach to anti-aging and personal wellness services lifts up, inspires and motivates the people we see. We treat our clients special, because everyone is different and has unique needs and desired outcomes.  If this sounds like you, then this could be the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of.  


What makes Trifecta different and why now?

We offer life-changing transformative personalized treatments to our customers.  You will receive comprehensive training and support from a motivated, knowledgeable, friendly and hands on owner and founder; Dana Thomas.

A Turnkey Opportunity with Fresh and Familiar Branding


As a fully licensed brand owner and operator, our brand and materials are available for your use immediately – so there’s no need to start from zero as you build a business and fight for name recognition.

We’re known for our informative website and recognizable, energetic branding, both of which will be a part of your marketing advantage if you move forward as a licensee. This is a true turnkey opportunity for people who are ready to grow a business quickly.


Multiple Revenue Streams

Trifecta is a new health and wellness brand, and we provide a diverse range of affordable personalized services to our clients. 

From microcurrent and RF therapy, to body contouring, to vibration plate fitness, infrared sauna and LED light therapy, and vitamin therapy, along with key local partner provider relationships, we have vetted for a safe and comprehensive approach to the services we offer and recommend.

This variety and diversity of service gives you the opportunity to build predictable and dependable streams of revenue. 


Training and Mentoring from the Brand’s Founder & Owner

Dana Thomas is 100% dedicated to the success of all licensees, and we offer a complete training program to ensure you have all of the knowledge and skills you will need to operate your own Trifecta Health & Wellness studio with great success.

Learn how you can be a part of this rapidly growing, rewarding industry by owning your own Trifecta Health & Wellness business.

For the Mind, Body & Soul

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