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Sun Devil Hydration

In partnership with Sun Devil Hydration Trifecta is offering in home or in office hydration services. The IV drip is a safe and effective way to get the vitamins and medications you need for a quick recovery from illness or exertion. Intravenous delivery facilitates rapid absorption and re-hydration, making it ideal for treating those lingering ailments you want to end as soon as possible.


Sun Devil Hydration is a Trifecta partner company that specializes in IV therapy services all over the Phoenix Valley. Our staff of highly trained nurses are well equipped to get you or your loved ones back to feeling great!


Whether you’re feeling sick, drained from the Arizona heat, or perhaps partied a bit too hard, Sun Devil Hydration has an IV package that will fit your needs.


Note: Mention that you heard about Sun Devil Hydration from Trifecta to receive a 10% discount.

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